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Extreme temperatures – KNOW YOUR RIGHTS

Extreme temperatures are hitting the region this week. We wanted to remind you of your rights at work when the heat rises.

GMB Union has compiled some helpful advice on your rights for working in hot temperatures, and access to a hot weather working checklist to keep you safe.

Your rights at work in the heat

There is no legal maximum temperature for workplaces in the UK, but that doesn’t stop your employer from taking extra precautions to keep you safe. GMB has called for a maximum temperature of 25C, in line with the advice of the World Health Organisation.

We hope you are keeping safe and cool in the heat.

feeling the heat



“Pets get more protection than people!” Countries all over the world have legal maximum workplace temperatures – why don’t we?

Tom Rigby, GMB Midlands Health & Safety Officer, spoke with the BBC about why GMB Union is calling for legal limits on workplace temperatures.


We’re stronger when we work together, why not forward this important information to a friend or colleague not protected by GMB at work yet? They can join online at and will be protected from day one

Posted: 19th July 2022

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