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Back to the ballot box for members at Sandwell Leisure Trust

Following the strong mandate of rejection given to GMB by members, SLT have put forward further proposals.
After GMB members voted overwhelmingly to reject proposals to freeze pay and move away from NJC terms and conditions put forward by Sandwell Leisure Trust, the employer has returned to the negotiating table with further proposals.
We are duty bound to undertake another consultative ballot of all our members on this new proposal and have contacted all members this morning. The closing date for responses will be 12 noon on 31st July 2020.​
​Whilst this improved offer still falls short of the current NJC pay offer and is a move away from NJC for terms and conditions, the offer has been put to members to vote upon and decide if they accept or reject this offer.
 PLEASE complete your ballot form as soon as possible as we have a very short timescale for reporting the result back to management and your voices need to be heard.​

We will also be holding virtual meetings with members to answer any questions you may have regarding the proposal and what acceptance or rejection could mean.

For the link to the meetings and the ballot form, please contact

Posted: 15th July 2020

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