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Today is election day, the polls will shortly be opening and we all have a vital role to play.

This election really is the most important for a generation.  There are clear choices today –

Vote for the party that believes when a few at the top succeed then Britain succeeds


Vote for the party that believes it is time to change Britain so it works for you, not just a powerful few. That’s what Labour is about.

GMB was one of the trade unions that founded the Labour Party and is its third largest affiliate. Since the 28th February 1900, the GMB has been active at all levels of the Party including ward, constituency, local authority district, regional, national and European level. Today thousands of GMB members are also Labour Party members and involved at all levels of the party.


Whatever you choose today, do not stand by and not vote, after all generations fought for our right to vote, and it is quite simple – NO VOTE/NO VOICE!

Posted: 7th May 2015

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