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End Fire and Rehire

GMB officially kicked off the battle to End Fire and Rehire on Thursday (29th July 2021) by hosting a conference, alongside Jack Dromey MP, union officials and members at our Halesowen office which was streamed online.

“No worker should be sacked by employers trying to force them onto a worse contract. Until fire and rehire is outlawed, I pledge to remember the sacked and fight to change the law.”


The GMB dispute at British Gas has brought national attention to fire and rehire but unfortunately, it’s still spreading. Lots of workers have faced threats of sacking by an employer trying to force them onto a worse contract.

Since lockdown, things have gotten much worse.

In other countries, such as Ireland and Spain, it’s illegal for an employer to sack an employee to force them onto a worse contract.

But it isn’t illegal in the UK. We think this needs to change.

You can help in our campaign to end fire and rehire. Use our tools below to write to politicians and help us change the law.

We’re asking local Councillors and MP’s across the UK to sign our End Fire and Rehire pledge:

Are you interested in fighting to End Fire and Rehire in your workplace? View the full End Fire and Rehire charter here.

Posted: 9th August 2021

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