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Free English and Maths functional skills courses For GMB Members

The GMB Birmingham and West Midlands Region are offering free online English and Maths courses at Level 1 or 2 to its Members.

  1. To complete the course you need access to a computer, tablet or similar and internet connection.
  2. Each course is specially tailored to your needs and you will be supported by a tutor.
  3. The courses are accredited via City and Guilds.

Being able to communicate effectively, use numbers successfully is essential to almost every aspect of life, work and learning.

City and Guilds Functional Skills qualifications are a crucial passport to success in almost any area of work, life or further learning.

Where appropriate, learners may progress in each functional skill through the levels, and in some cases may go on to achieve other qualifications in maths and English.

 Functional Skills Structure

English consists of three assessment components:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking, Listening and Communication (SLC)


  • One Exam

ESOL (English Speaking For Other Languages) For Members

  • Improving your English

    If English is not your main language, you can complete a course to help you improve your English. These courses are called ESOL or English for Speakers of other Languages. Our ESOL programmes will enable you to meet new people, broaden your cultural awareness and improve your language skills both for life and work

    Improving your English will make it easier to:

  • talk to doctors and teachers
  • understand the laws and customs of the UK
  • do a course and get a qualification
  • help your child with homework
  • pass the Life in the UK test and become a British citizen

    What does an ESOL course cover?

    ESOL courses cover:

  • speaking and listening
  • reading and writing
  • vocabulary
  • punctuation and grammar

Posted: 4th April 2017

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