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Happy New Year & listening to members

Happy New Year to you all.

Here at GMB Sandwell we are looking forward to a year of organising and campaigning.

As we remembered Mary MacArthur yesterday (13.8.1880-1.1.1921), the fearless Trade Unionist & Leader of the Cradley Heath Chainmakers strike, we reflected on her story of the bundle of sticks

Mary Macarthur


“A trade union is like a bundle of sticks. The workers are bound together and have the strength of unity…
…A worker who is not in a union is like a single stick. She can easily be broken or bent to the will of her employer”  (The Woman Worker, Autumn 1907)


 This philosophy is needed more than ever, if you are not a GMB member already, why not join today?


You asked, we listened

We are always open to new ideas, ways to engage with GMB members and have been encouraged recently to receive messages asking if member meetings can be organised outside of the standard working day.

With this in mind, please complete our online poll and let us know if you would prefer evening or weekend meetings.


Posted: 2nd January 2020

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