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Joint Union schools guidance

GMB along with sister Trade unions are keeping the pressure on the Education Secretary Gavin Williamson and have written a joint letter regarding the wearing face coverings.
We are aware that the Education Department, in consultation with Public Health England, is currently reviewing the policy on the wearing of face coverings in schools.

It is important to state that none of us wants to see pupils or staff wearing face coverings for longer than is necessary. We all look forward to the day when this policy, along with many other mitigations currently in place, are no longer necessary.

However, it is our shared view that the government should not rush into changing this policy at short notice without careful consideration of the scientific evidence surrounding the wearing of face coverings in schools and the safety and wellbeing of all members of school communities and their families should remain our primary concern at this time.
There is a strong scientific consensus that face coverings can and should form a key part of a
comprehensive strategy of measures to suppress transmission of covid-19.
We have also issued updated advice with regards to CEV/CV/Pregnancy.
All the documents can be found on GMB’s website as well as in PDF form below




Posted: 6th April 2021

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