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Local Government and School workers – Have your say on your Pay

GMB negotiates pay, terms and conditions for local government and school workers.
We’re about to start discussions with employers about your pay for the coming year.

Late last year, we surveyed members and you were clear that pay justice is at the top of your agenda, so that’s what we’ll be demanding.

We’ll be seeking a substantial increase in pay with a minimum of 10% on all pay salary grades (called Spinal Column Points in official language).

It’s the least our members deserve after being so selfless during this pandemic.

Read joint-union statement

We’re only as strong as our reps and members when it comes to pay talks, so if you have time and are able, there are three simple ways to help us win:

How to help us win

1. Join the ‘Pay Justice Campaign Team’: be ‘hands on’ in helping to steer our campaign with more regular campaign updates and ways to take action and get people involved. Please click yes and Team GMB will be in touch.

YES – get in touch

2. Not got a GMB Workplace Organiser where you are? Join the GMB rep family and get training and support to win in your workplace. Details can be found HERE.

3. Know someone in your workplace who hasn’t joined GMB yet? Click here to ask them to join us – the more of us there are, the louder our voices.

Posted: 17th February 2021

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