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For GMB members working in public services the results of the general election and local council elections last week mean that further tough times lie ahead. The Conservative Party agenda of more austerity will now be fully implement across public services that are already in financial crisis after five years of cuts. Front-line services will increasingly be pared to the bone or done away with altogether and local communities will suffer. That may all seem inevitable but if anyone thinks we will just take that lying down they can think again.

 Your union, GMB, will rise to the challenges that this new government brings. We will stand up for public service workers in schools and academies, in councils, in the NHS, in the care sector, in universities, in the civil service, whether employed directly in the public sector or in the private sector to deliver those services. GMB believes public service workers are the backbone of our society and should be recognised as such. None of the cuts in public services should be blamed on the workforce.

 You can help get this message across by telling us the good news and bad news stories. 

  • The good news – what great things have you or your colleagues done that shows how public service workers have gone above and beyond the call of duty? 
  • The bad news – where are you or your colleagues seeing the direct effect of the cuts hurting people in your community?

 You see, the media tries to portray a biased image of public services and public service workers that you can help us to counter. Tell your stories to GMB and encourage others to do so too. Everyone involved in public services has the opportunity, through the GMB, to be heard and to make a difference. The ballot box isn’t the only way.

Please spread the message – that we all need to speak up for public services louder than ever before. If you believe in public services and in respect for public service workers, there is something you can do. And anyone can do this by emailing me and letting GMB tell your story.

 Brian Strutton

GMB National Secretary – Public Services Section


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Posted: 13th May 2015

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