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NJC ballot now closed

THANK YOU!Thank you to all GMB members for taking the time to vote in the recent Indicative Industrial Action Ballot. Your participation really matters. Over 100,000 plus GMB members across Local Authorities, Councils, Schools and Academies in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland were included, so it going to take some time to collate all the results and determine next steps.WHAT NEXT?We will now be analysing all the results with our Local Government and School Trade Union Representatives to discuss what happens next. In addition, your National Local Government and Schools Committees will meet in the New Year to discuss what steps we take in this pay campaign.This could either mean continuing to seek further talks with the employers or moving to an Industrial Action Ballot campaign.KEEP UP TO DATEWe put all Local Government, Councils, Schools and Academies Pay updates covered by the NJC on the GMB website, so please visit to find out the latest. Also, keep any eye on the following link where regular updates will be posted GMB Workplace Noticeboards.

Posted: 14th December 2021

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