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Public Service Workers Make the Difference

Following the GMB NJC Pay Consultation the GMB NJC Reps met on Tuesday 13th June 17. A detailed discussion took place with extensive report back on the regional pay consultations. The general consensus was to keep the NJC pay claim succinct for 2018/19.

Please note at the Conference the following GMB NJC Local Government Pay Claim was agreed. Headlines of the claim are as follows:

  1. 5% Increase on all NJC Pay Points
  2. The deletion of NJC pay points SCP 6-9 to reach the Resolution  Foundation Living Wage of £8.45 (UK) and £9.75 (London)

All NJC Unions have agreed this pay claim and the NJC Pay claim was presented to the Local Government Employers yesterday (Wednesday 14th June, 2017)NJC 13.6.17

Rehana Azam, GMB National Secretary Public Services said “…Too many public sector workers are stressed, overworked, squeezed by pension contribution hikes, at risk of job cuts – and, yes, underpaid. They need fair compensation to catch-up with almost a decade of cuts to their living standards, which is why the joint local government and school support staff unions are demanding a pay award of at least 5 per cent.

Since 2010 the Conservatives have thought they could squeeze public sector workers till the pips squeaked. No more. Whether it’s through quiet contributions every day, or the heroism of our emergency services during moments of national tragedy, the public sector has proved its worth.

So enough is enough. I am proud that GMB has made ending the pay pinch its flagship public sector campaign.  The 1 per cent cap is sucking the lifeblood out of our public services. It’s time to kill this vampiric policy once and for all.”

The full statement can be read online

Details of the claim can be read below.


GMB@Work Newsletter 14 June 2017


Posted: 15th June 2017

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