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Why praise for Public Service must be more than empty words

 Public sector workers have lost out on thousands over the last seven years, now they need proper pay rises to make up for the damage that’s been done.

In the past few weeks we have heard Theresa May stating how much she values public and emergency service workers. Something which has been repeated by her ministers, yet when they had the chance to vote in favour of lifting the cap on Wednesday (28th June 2017) they chose to give us all hope before making another U-Turn and voting against giving Public Sector Workers a decent pay rise.

Our Equality Officer, Sarah James said “Public Sector Workers are the backbone of our society, we’ve got Theresa May standing on the door of No. 10 saying we value the services, especially over the past few weeks, they do a great job, well that doesn’t put food in people’s stomachs, that doesn’t put clothes on people’s backs. It’s about time now we get decent pay for decent work”

All public sector workers must now receive an above inflation pay rise, including the 55% not covered by a Pay Review Body such as council workers, school support staff and police staff.




Posted: 3rd July 2017

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