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Public Sector Pay Pinch campaign is working but we need your help

Our campaign to end the Public Sector Pay Pinch is working.

On Wednesday (28th June 2017), Labour was narrowly defeated in a Parliamentary vote calling for an end to the public sector pay cap.

They might have fallen just 14 votes short, but before the vote the Government gave the strongest sign yet that they’re being forced to take action to end years of pay cuts.

They even admitted that workers are ‘weary’ on the back of continued austerity – that’s one word for it!

GMB has been leading the campaign to end the pay cap. We’ve hit the headlines, campaigned in Parliament and launched our own Pay Pinch website

We’re making a difference. But we’re not there yet.

The more voices we have calling for an end to the pay cap the better. And if the government do back down on the cap, GMB will be ready to fight for the pay you deserve.

There’s one simple way you can help. Will you find one person in your workplace who isn’t a GMB member and ask him or her to join us?

GMB knows exactly what the pay cap means for working people – there’s often a lot more month than money left after pay day. The more people who join GMB, the louder our voice. The Government will have to listen.

Click here to print off an End the Public Sector Pay Pinch membership form:

Or send just one colleague this link and ask them to join us:

The country would grind to a halt without our public servants, it’s time the government showed you the respect you deserve.

Posted: 3rd July 2017

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