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Workplace Model Equality Agreements

gmb @equalityYou have a right to be treated the same as everyone else in your workplace.

But if you are not treated the same what can you do about it? GMB Workplace Organisers are trained to negotiate equal treatment at work and to organise their workplace so that collective action can keep GMB members safe from unequal treatment in the workplace.

To help support members in their workplace GMB have developed model equality based workplace agreements designed to be used to establish joint agreements on subjects.

Model Equality Workplace Agreements 2017 The pack includes the following:-

1. Carers agreement

2. Surveillance and Monitoring

3. Maternity and paternity

4. Domestic Violence

As these are model agreements, they can be adapted to suit the particular circumstances in your workplace. The agreements contain contact details for where you can gain further information. If you wish to discuss the agreements or have ideas on how to develop them further please contact Sarah James, Branch Equality Officer on 0121 569 5991 / 07807950451 or send us an email. Any comments or suggestions will be feedback to regional and national officers.




Posted: 10th August 2017

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