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Direct Debit switchover

GMB are asking all our Members to switch paying your GMB contributions directly from your wages (check off) to paying through Direct Debit.


Here’s why:

The Government is trying to bring in a ‘Trade Union Bill’. If it goes through, the Bill will force Public Sector employers to end check off arrangements. This is clearly just an attack on Trade Unions. It’s designed to make it harder for Public Sector workers to join or even to stay part of their union. By switching to direct debit, you’re fighting this attack on your rights and ensuring that you stay part of your union;
Paying through your wages means that your Employer knows you are in a Trade Union. Switching to direct debit means that you don’t have to disclose your union membership to your employer if you do not want to;
The majority of Public Sector employers make a financial charge for the use of check off facilities. In practical terms, this means that you could be giving up to 5% of your union contributions to your employer. By switching to direct debit, you’ll ensure that all of your contributions goes to your union and the services we provide.
Direct Debits are easier for you to manage; you control your own finances and have options as to when during the month you would like your Union contributions to be deducted.

To switch all you need to do is contact branch office on 01215695990 or speak to your workplace rep. Alternatively contact the Halesowen Regional Office on 0121 550 4888

Posted: 19th January 2016

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