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GMB Apprenticeship benefits

What does GMB Apprentice Membership offer?

GMB Apprentice Membership offers all the same benefits of normal membership*, including the right to representation and free legal advice, plus more:

  1. £3 a month rate
  2. NUS Apprentice Extra Card and discounts
  3. Membership of the National Society of Apprentices
  4. Access to GMB’s Apprentice Network


Who is eligible for GMB Apprentice Membership?

  • Anyone undertaking an apprenticeship scheme, whether they were a member before or not
  • Any age is welcome (there are an increasing number of older apprentices since the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy)
  • The £3 rate is valid for 1 year, after which members will be moved to full time rates unless they inform their region they are still on an apprenticeship scheme

Contact us today for a membership form, download a form from our GMB website or join online at GMB Union




Posted: 26th March 2019

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