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GMB Welcomes new Menstruation to Menopause policy at Sandwell

We are pleased to announce that following negotiations Sandwell MBC have formally introduced a “Menstruation to Menopause” Policy & Guidance.

Women workers make up 58% of the total employee workforce within the Local Authority and this policy will not only raise awareness of menstruation and menopause related issues at work but will assist managers in supporting employees who are experiencing menstruation and menopause, and their associated symptoms. Supporting women and trans men through menstruation and menopause can ensure that they are able to ask for help and adjustments, so they can continue to be successful in their roles.

Around 75% of women experience some symptoms of the menopause, and 25% could be classed as severe. Studies show that some women felt the menopause had negatively affected their job performance; including believing that it had a negative impact on their managers and colleagues’ perceptions of their competence at work.

To compliment the new policy an online support group has also been set up, along with workplace menopause champions.


Bev Leedham – Sandwell GMB Activist, said following the approval of the policy on 22nd January 2020,

Many women suffer from significant physical and psychological symptoms of menstruation and menopause, which can seriously affect their daily lives at home and at work, but sadly, these health conditions are still often treated as a “taboo” subject in many workplaces. I have personal experience of how difficult and isolating this can be.  Therefore I welcome the new policy and guidance for managers, which will hopefully improve awareness, encourage open discussion, and support women when coping with difficult symptoms such as, fatigue, poor concentration, insomnia, hot flushes and depression. 


Sandwell MBC – Councillor Wasim Ali -Cabinet Member for Resources and Core Services, expressed his thanks to GMB for raising this important issue:

Sandwell Council is committed to ensuring its employees are supported and their needs are met. I want to take this opportunity to thank GMB and it’s members for your collaboration in ensuring we continue to prosper as a Council. A huge thanks also to Darren and Sarah James for their hard work in advocating for the Disability Passport and M2M policy. This is just another example of how by working in collaboration we can achieve better together.

For further information please contact:

Sandwell Branch

  • Sarah James, Branch Equality Officer and National Equality Forum Women’s Lead
  • Bev Leedham – Work Place Activist and Menopause Champion

Posted: 5th February 2020

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